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Equine Veterinary Care

CT Scan

*Coming Soon.* Standing CT for horses is an emerging technology on the cusp of implementation in North America.

With a large population of horses being used for race, show and recreation throughout the mid-Atlantic, appropriate management of injuries and illness over the lifetime of the horse is a high priority for EVC.  While there are many facets of equine medical management, readily available technologies such as digital radiology and ultrasound often lack diagnostic sensitivity whereas current hospital based advanced imaging systems require anesthesia or complex positioning that makes them impractical or inaccessible to many horses. 

We anticipate installation of a standing CT system that will be the first of its kind in the US at the new EVC clinic in 2024. The goal is to safely image a sedated standing horse to detect pathology under natural load-bearing conditions with a scan time of about 20 seconds enabling screening  for suspected/risk injuries.  We believe standing CT will be a valuable addition to other measures in place to protect the safety and health of our horses here in the mid-Atlantic.