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Equine Veterinary Care

Video & Fiberoptic Endoscopy

With a state-of-the-art 1-meter digital video Olympus endoscope, our veterinarians routinely diagnose and surgically and medically treat a variety of upper airway conditions. High-quality images can be emailed or "burned” to a CD for our clients, referring veterinarians, or referral hospitals.

The images are stored both on our in-house Image Server and at an off-site facility so that they are readily available to you or your veterinarian in the future. In addition, they can be displayed on a secured imaging website to allow immediate access in their original JPEG or MPEG format. 

We also use a dedicated bacteriologic "culture” scope and triple-guarded Transendoscopic catheters to aspirate lung secretions to search for the presence of bacteria and inflammatory cells in the lungs. Using techniques such as tracheal washes and bronchoalveolar lavages, we are able to help isolate the underlying disease process behind chronic mucus production, Small Airway Inflammatory Disease (SAID, "Heaves"), and Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH, "Bleeders”).